This is the first Tom DeBlass NFT, ownership of which will grant you access to Tom’s private online community. 

The price of the NFT is $2000. You can choose to buy with crypto currency and mint your NFT automatically, or you can pay with US dollars and we will do the minting for you and place the NFT into your crypto wallet (we will walk you through the quick process of setting up a crypto wallet if you choose to buy with US dollars). 

The private community will launch in January of 2022. We will correspond with all NFT owners via email to share more specific information on the specific launch date. 

Each person is limited to 1 NFT.  The NFT is available through the ethereum network. 

CLICK HERE to proceed.

NOTE: It is best to use a desktop (not mobile) when buying with crypto. If using your mobile, you will need to use the app provided by your wallet (Metamask, etc).